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Lotto Stat Full

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Please rate ★★★★★ for more great updates ! ★Lotto Stat is great tool to convert any lottery history into easy readable statistics, which you can use, to make perfect lucky number combinations.
★Most of us plays lotto, hoping to become rich in a jiffy !And most of us have lucky numbers, which we use in our lottery tickets!However, after numerous unlucky tickets people start to think, whether their lucky numbers really are so lucky!That is what happened with me, so I decided to create my own personal statistics, to find out which numbers fall more often and which numbers fall less often!The results was impressing, for example, in my favorite lotto I must guess 5 number combination. So, 2 of my " lucky numbers " was drawn only 5 times a year, and the remaining three numbers was drawn 7-12 times a year!At the same time , I notice that other numbers was drawn up to 30 times a year from a total of 96 draws a year!Then I realized that, it makes no sense to spend tons of money, in the hope of winning the jackpot, if my chosen numbers almost never comes. So, instead I decided better select numbers that really are often drawn, and make my lucky combination out of them, which I did !And now you can do this as well with this great app in no time !
★Features:Absolutely no limits, compile statistic from any lottory historySave your progress and update it after each new draw Make your own random quick picks Save your ideal combination and edit it any timeNo any additional payments or AddsHave your lucky numbers always with youCombination lenght up to 20 numbers
★Note that, lottery draw history, usually can be found online in in the appropriate lottery official web site!